“Deborah takes the stress out of facing any kind of audience, from boardrooms to national conferences.”

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Meet Deborah Benner

“Hi! I’m Deborah. I’m a vocal instructor and on-camera coach with over 25 years of experience training business professionals, actors, singers, and public speakers of all ages and levels. Whether you’re looking to nail your next pitch, land a big role, or increase your stamina for speaking engagements, I’ll help you achieve your goals through customized, in-depth, results-driven coaching work.”

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Your Voice Is An Asset

Personalized training – that achieves your ultimate performance goals

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Voice and image coaching to business professionals and public speakers of all types

For Actors & Vocalists

Teaching classical, music theatre, jazz, rock, and pop singing techniques

My Acting & Voice Work

From Netflix to the theater, my professional acting and singing work

Deborah Benner

Testimonials from All Types of Professionals & Students

Testimonials from All Types of Professionals & Students

Tony Gudell, Professional Actor/Singer

An Immediate Positive Effect

I have been a professional actor for over 40 years. I first started working with Deborah in 2017 when I was transitioning from musical theater to performing jazz in more intimate settings. I found Deborah to be exciting to work with because of her knowledge and understanding of both genres. She has an ability to communicate clearly, and can easily guide a vocalist through exercises that have an immediate positive effect.

I continued to work with her while preparing for an important video demo of my work for publicity and marketing purposes. I will be forever grateful to her because she was able to zero in on some bad habits I developed as a vocalist. She was able to correct and redirect me in a way that was nonjudgmental, effective, and productive.

I highly recommend Deborah Benner to any beginner or professional vocalist. Her knowledge and coaching style is superb. Her personality is delightful. Her appreciation and fondness for vocalists and her dedication to the craft is evident.

– Tony Gudell, Professional Actor/Singer

“The results are clear. The difference is Deborah.”

Nick Majnoni, Podcaster, NYC

The Difference is Deborah.

“I was recently confronted with the exciting but daunting challenge of recording a full podcast series for a major studio. Deborah guided me first through the fundamentals—breathing correctly, posture, vocal exercises—and then into the actual content of my script, ensuring that each sentence received the appropriate attack, poignancy, softness, etc. To say that she was a great voice teacher would be an understatement. When I listen to my original tape and compare it with tape recorded after Deb’s sessions, the former sounds like a good-enough amateur. The latter sounds like a professional. The results are clear. The difference is Deborah.”

– Nick Majnoni, Podcaster, NYC

Take the Stress out of Facing any Kind of Audience

Deborah Benner is a rare combination of talents: a highly regarded singer, voice artist, public speaker and actress who also excels as an enthusiastic, supportive instructor. Even reluctant public speakers blossom with guidance from Deb. She shows her students how to use proper vocal and theatrical techniques–breathing, movement, and vocal projection–and takes the stress out of facing any kind of audience, from boardrooms to national conferences. Her warmth and confident expertise make training with her a joy–and a great career enhancer. Deb can teach you how to persuade, motivate and impress the people you want to reach the most.”

Thanks to Her, I Found a Voice I Didn’t Know I Had

“She has been for over a decade now, the voice coach of my daughter’s and mine. My daughter – who sold out a recital in a Club off Broadway downtown Manhattan, not only praises Deb for her high technical skills in training her voice, but also for her extraordinary coaching and guidance in interpretation and showmanship in her performances. As for me, I always loved to sing and have a natural light soprano voice but I never dared dreaming that I could sing classical opera arias. When I turned 50 I had the courage to ask her if she would teach an adult to sing opera and she said yes. Thanks to her amazing technique and encouraging style, I eventually managed to sing opera, but also jazz, pop and musical theater. Thanks to her, I found a voice I didn’t know I had. For this I will always be grateful to Deborah!”

Bonizella Biagini
Climate Scientist, United Nations

The Skill To Deliver

“Deborah Benner was of immense help to me when, for the first time, I was invited to lead a service as a cantor at my synagogue.  She increased my range and breath control, while also adding to my ability to remain true to (key) inflection and tempo. Most importantly, Deborah gave me the skill to deliver the service effectively, leading the congregation with confidence and vocal ease. And this, in only 3 sessions!”

George Driesen, Rabbi
Washington, D.C.

Teacher of a Lifetime

“Deborah has been training and coaching my daughter for over 6 years, and I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about her incredible talent in teaching, her boundless energy, her deep devotion and love for her students and her craft, and the amazing growth she has nurtured in my daughter. Every week Aurora goes to her lesson with excited anticipation about what they will work on, and every week she returns more energized than before. Deborah has a gentle and deft touch with her students, and manages to methodically and carefully transform a person from just being able to sing a song to becoming a true vocal artist. We all hope for good teachers for our children, but in Deborah, we truly got the teacher of a lifetime, and are so grateful for her gifts.”

Dr. Rupa Dainer