Your Voice Is An Asset

Use it to lead with confidence, clarity and control

My Clients Include

  • Corporate executives
  • Sales teams
  • Elected officials
  • Government leaders
  • Educators and Lecturers
  • Clergy
  • Authors
  • Doctors
  • Attorneys
  • Podcasters and Network Hosts

Voice coaching benefits everyone!

And Those in Special or Sensitive Circumstances

  • Foreign-language speakers, seeking enhanced English-diction presentation
  • People with speech impediments aiming to gain confidence and diction control
  • College graduates seeking enhanced job interview skills
  • Parents or caregivers re-entering the workforce after a long hiatus
  • People in transitional housing seeking job interview skills (pro bono services available upon request)
  • Gender-transitioning individuals wishing to modify their voices

Coaching to Fit Your Needs

Customize Coaching Plans

Through a personalized program consisting of relaxation and breathing exercises, pacing and speech pattern work, and vocal clarity and diction skill-building, I’ll provide the tools and training you need to achieve your goals–while alleviating vocal strain and increasing endurance.

Screen Coaching for the Virtual Space

As so many meetings and events have moved to remote platforms, how can you deliver your messages more effectively on-screen? If speaking remotely is an area of focus, we’ll build in an on-camera component. From adjustments to facial expressions, gestures, and vocal inflections to makeup, hairstyles, wardrobe, and lighting, I provide small changes that make a big impact.